Hobbs’ Tax Rebate U-Turn: Arizona Governor Rewrites Her Own History

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Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs is making headlines for asserting that she was responsible for the recent tax rebate that was issued to Arizona residents. However, records indicate that the Governor was initially against the rebate.

Earlier this year, the Governor was part of negotiations concerning the state budget. In those discussions, Hobbs voiced her objections to the proposed $300 million tax rebate for Arizona taxpayers. Instead, she pushed for the funds to be allocated for education and infrastructure initiatives. The Republican-led Legislature, however, proceeded with the tax rebate, which was eventually approved.

Despite her initial opposition, Governor Hobbs has recently begun to claim credit for the tax rebate. She has emphasized her role in the budget negotiations and cited her influence on the eventual passage of the rebate measure.

This shift in stance has raised eyebrows, leading to scrutiny over the Governor’s actual contribution to the tax rebate and her consistency on the matter. Critics argue that her newfound association with the rebate seems to contradict her earlier position, thereby questioning her credibility on this issue.

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