Arizona Republicans Vow to Thwart Governor Hobbs’ Tax Hikes and School Choice Cuts in Budget Proposal

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In a stance against Governor Katie Hobbs’ (D) budget proposal, Arizona Republicans have pledged to block her attempts to increase taxes and curtail school choice opportunities. The joint press release by State Representative David Livingston and State Senator John Kavanaugh termed Hobbs’ proposal as “partisan” and “unrealistic,” vowing to safeguard the interests of taxpayers and the freedom to choose the right education for children.

Governor Hobbs’ 2025 budget plan, unveiled on Friday, drew criticism for its proposal to eliminate tax credits that benefit low-income families with students and for potentially pushing half of the students currently enrolled in the popular Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) school choice program back into public schools. Republican lawmakers asserted that the ESA program empowers parents to control their children’s learning environments, and reducing its scope would diminish opportunities for families across the state.

Governor Hobbs has long been a vocal critic of the ESA program and has consistently advocated for reduced spending in the realm of school choice. In 2023, she even proposed a budget that would have entirely abolished the program.

As discussions and debates unfold around this issue, it is crucial to closely monitor and evaluate the potential impact on taxpayers and the future of school choice in Arizona.

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