June Thoughts

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District 2 office is doing well, lots of interest in the Liz Harris issue as well as Abe Hamedeh’s legal group and the follow up on Provisional Ballot processing. We get a great amount of feedback from both PC’s and our walk-in visitors. We all share the same thoughts and concerns. 

Our current events have gone very well, the Bullhead City Airport event was great and did both voter registrations and applications for PC’s. An awesome show for all to see, the food court was packed. lots of interest in our booth and our goal in the community. 

The American First Dinner was a huge success. We surpassed our last two (2) years in dinner sales and auction item revenue. The 50/50 drawing gross was a bit short of our goal but did well. Several guest speakers provided updates on the current issues we face daily. Our speaker, Mr. Scott Pressler addressed voter turnout, registration, and new tools to look at. He will be back in Sept. to help and to review voter counting procedures. We would like to thank all our sponsors and the committees for doing a great job. A great night and fun for all. 

We had a good meeting with the County Records office and the focus was on Provisional Ballots and the processing of same. Training is key to the proper use of Provisional Balloting, using Voter Registration101: WHO, WHERE, and When. The county recorder’s office has offered their help to support this effort. We have formed a 4-person registration team and chairperson to work with and train the PC captains. 

The GOP picnic team is busy getting ready for a great turn out. Ticket sales start next month for entry and lunch. There will be no district booths this year, but vendor booths or individual booths are available. It is scheduled for July 29th. 

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