What Are YOU Willing To Do Tosave america?

FREEDOM IS NOT FREEJoin the thousands of Mohavians fighting every day to keep our county and country free.

What Will Happen if Democrats Gain Control of the Arizona State House And Senate In 2024?

Removal Of Our 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State Status: A bill written and pushed through by our own representative from Mohave County, the Democrats would repeal this and move to implement the most restrictive gun laws imaginable.

Reversal of ESA Funding: removes school choice from the taxpayers and parents.

Targeting Our Youth: CRT-styled curriculum injected into public schools (which kids will be forced in to from lack of ESA help). Transgender surgery and hormone blockers for those under 18 and hidden from parents.

Implementation Of “15-Minute Cities”: This leads to the banning of gas vehicles, certain types of appliances, and pushes citizens to rely on tax-payer funded public transport.

ESG Score Based System: Small businesses will suffer from Federal interference under the threat of punishment for not conforming to social diversity standards.

Open Borders & The Fentanyl Crisis: Arizona is a gateway for illegals under the current administration. Drugs and criminals are pouring in rapidly, then bussed North into our backyards, the neighborhoods we work to live in, and the parks where our children play. The Democrats will continue to allow these policies to destroy America in the name of social equality and shoring up their own voter base.

Reversal of The Flat-Tax: Our representatives worked hard to guarantee a 2.5% flat state income tax to ease burdens on middle-class families and small businesses, while attracting new jobs and opportunities to Arizona.

Medical Mandates: The Leftist media is already spinning up fear about the next wave of Covid, conveniently in time for the 2024 campaign season. Enforced masking, forcing employees to get the jab or lose the income they need to support their families, federal “maximum capacities” imposed on stores and restaurants. This will be pushed hard to diminish voter turn-out and take the focus off the corruption the Democrats are running on.

Is This the America You Want to Live in?

FREEDOM IS NOT FREEJoin the thousands of Mohavians fighting every day to keep our county and country free.