Logan Marsh, a Republican candidate for Mohave County Supervisor District 4, is committed to enhancing public safety, supporting small businesses, and managing finances responsibly. He plans to bolster the Sheriff’s Office with necessary resources, training, and funding, and fosters positive relationships with law enforcement. Marsh champions policies that reduce regulations and taxes to help small businesses flourish, driving economic growth and job creation.
He also prioritizes infrastructure investments to support sustainable growth, including improving transportation, expanding broadband, and upgrading public facilities to attract businesses and elevate residents’ lives. Committed to financial prudence, Marsh seeks to cut wasteful spending and streamline operations to tackle Mohave County’s financial challenges.
Marsh strongly advocates for election integrity, emphasizing its critical role in maintaining trust in democratic processes. He is dedicated to implementing measures that secure elections and ensure that every vote is counted accurately.
Furthermore, Marsh is a staunch defender of constitutional rights, particularly the First and Second Amendments. He believes in the fundamental right to free speech and the right to bear arms, advocating for policies that protect these rights from infringement.
Lastly, Marsh values natural resource conservation and public land protection, advocating for policies that balance development with environmental preservation. He encourages community engagement to advance conservative values and create positive change in Mohave County.

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