House of Representatives Conservative Republican and servant to our Constitution and way of life.

Retired US. Army Command Sergeant Major

Military Occupations, Calvary Scout, Military Police, Human Intelligence. Special Skills Badges, Air Crewman, Sniper, Pathfinder, Special Reaction Team, Instructor, Russian Language. Awards include, Meritorious Service, Bronze Star, Army Accommodation. Served in Europe, Central and South America, Former Soviet Union and Middle East

Counter Terrorist Operator (CTC)

Served as a Team Leader on a US. Government Clandestine Service Security team, in the Middle East, supporting anti-terrorist operations. (Classified Assignment)

Deputy Sheriff SWAT Team

Served as a Swat Team Leader, Nationally Accredited SWAT instructor training FBI, and other federal teams. Credited with rescue of 9-year-old hostage.

Served on Presidential Close Protection Detail

Close Protection the President, aircraft, vehicle, and travel zones for two US. Presidents. Selected to author operation order for both missions.

Real Estate Agent

Serving as a licensed Arizona Real Estate Agent and Property manager. Serving the Veteran Community and assisting Vets with VA loan process.

Elected 2022

Appointed Vice Chairman of Government Committee

Co-Chair Veterans Caucus

Member of Military and Public Safety Committee

Member of Transportation Infrastructure Committee

Member of the Financial Responsibility Team

  • Passed Health Care Bill providing access and saving millions of citizen dollars,
  • Passed Water Recharge Bill protecting water basin,
  • Passed largest tax cut in AZ history, all signed into Law.

Working on election integrity measure, mRNA vaccine ban, and over 3 million in budget cuts.

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