John Deese

Jonathon Deese, a proud native of the Mountains of North Carolina, brings a wealth of
experience and an unwavering commitment to public service as he steps forward to run
for Constable in Bullhead City. With a career spanning over two decades in various
roles within law enforcement and community protection, Deese embodies the qualities
essential for effective leadership in safeguarding our neighborhoods.
Starting his journey after graduating from the police academy in 2006, Deese served as
a firefighter and later as a police officer in his hometown. These early experiences
instilled in him a profound sense of duty and dedication to the safety and well-being of
others. In 2012, seeking new opportunities, Deese made the pivotal decision to relocate
to Arizona.
Since then, Jonathon Deese has remained steadfast in his mission to protect and serve,
dedicating the past decade to his role as a probation officer for Mohave County.
Through his work, he has tirelessly advocated for justice and rehabilitation, recognizing
the importance of empathy and fairness in navigating the complexities of the legal
With a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Deese’s educational background
complements his extensive practical experience, providing him with a deep
understanding of law enforcement and community dynamics. Moreover, his belief in
treating every individual with respect and dignity underscores his commitment to
upholding the values of fairness and integrity in all aspects of his work.
Married to his wife Jasmine for a decade and blessed with five children, Deese
understands the vital role of family and community in fostering a safe and thriving
environment. As Constable, Jonathon Deese pledges to lead with integrity, compassion,
and excellence.
Support Jonathon Deese in his endeavor and cast your vote for him as Constable.

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