An Education is the only thing that another person cannot take from you once you have learned it.” 

I am James Barber and I am running to become Mohave County School Superintendent.  For the past seven years I have been a member of the Mohave Valley Elementary School District #16.  As a member of this school board, I strived for school improvement and excellence.  And this district was just rated as the #1 district in the state and #4 in the country for academic achievement, especially after the COVID pandemic.

As County School Superintendent, I will strive to continuously inform the public on status of the county schools.  I want to make this office a place that serves the public directly and indirectly.  I believe that the County School Superintendent’s web portal should be one of the most visited sites on Mohave County’s website.  I believe that the public should be able to find public information on all districts without having to submit requests or visit local offices.

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