Gilbert Smaby brings 35 years of experience serving and protecting the community in

numerous professional life-safety positions. He has the proven skills and ability to make good, sound decisions, often in difficult circumstances.

Serving as your current Mohave County Chief Building Official, Gilbert manages the

Building Division, working daily with residents, businesses, and other government agencies to promote safe and sustainable communities. Gilbert brings a “can do” attitude to think outside the box to solve problems. He has a proven track record of working with citizens to achieve their dreams, solve important issues and bring projects to the finish line. He has been responsible for successfully managing and balancing a multi-million-dollar municipal

Building Division budget for the past 5 years while providing the services Mohave County residents require.

Gilbert works daily with other government agencies, including our Economic Development Department, to bring smart development and living wage jobs to many areas throughout our county, such as the Griffith/Chinarump area, White Hills, Dolan Springs, Golden Valley, Kingman Airport and I-40 and I-11 corridors.

Gilbert is a lifelong conservative Republican who supports law enforcement and public

safety. He believes strongly in a God-fearing nation, people’s private property rights, limited government, our Constitution, and will protect our Second Amendment rights. Gilbert believes in engaging in constructive and meaningful discourse while maintaining respect for all involved.

Please vote for Gilbert Smaby, District 4 Supervisor, a leader with proven experience

“Building Community for the Future.”

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