This allows the party a chance to see if you were sent a ballot and allows for us to follow up with voters if they have not voted. This is referred to as ballot chasing.

  • To avoid potential chain of custody issues, drop your ballot in person at an early voting center or on election day.
  • It is preferred to drop your ballot at an early voting center or vote in person at an early vote center and not mail the ballot.
  • If you drop your ballot on election day, it will delay your count.
  • If you must use the mail, please mail by dropping at USPS offices and not putting it in your home mailbox to be pick up.
  • If you use the mail, make certain you follow up that it was indeed received by the election office by going to:

Our desire is to reduce the chain of custody concerns by voting in person and voting early. If you must mail your ballot, please check to make certain it was received by the election department. By signing up for an early ballot it gives the Republican Party an opportunity to follow more voters.)

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