Mervyn Pitchfork Freedom has been in the Mohave County area for over 50 years and knows what is needed and not needed for our area. As a small business owner, we need less government regulations so businesses will want to locate and open in the area. Protect our water. We don’t need to export water to other counties! No new government programs or wastes of taxpayer money! We should be wary of the possibility of a recession coming and should be very frugal about expenses. The Board of Supervisors has thrown me in jail for protesting tax increases. I am a firm NO vote for increases in taxation. I’m not a “good old boy” and not related to anyone in government and won’t vote with “friends” that some of the candidates have worked with for many years. Your vote for Mervyn Pitchfork Freedom will be your vote for no tax increases, protection of our water, smaller and responsible government, and more freedom for the people of Mohave County.

Thank you!

FREEDOM IS NOT FREEJoin the thousands of Mohavians fighting every day to keep our county and country free.